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The Power of a Dollar

In May of 2021, I was traveling from Texas to Atlanta on business. A friend asked if I wanted to go up to Nantahala Lake in North Carolina to visit their old stomping grounds. While driving around the lake I saw a property that intrigued me. The energetic owner leaped off his porch as we slowed down to view his For Sale sign. He greeted us with "Hey, you wanna buy my house?" It was way too big, and after 32 yrs. in Texas, I wasn't ready to move...yet. I took the owner to dinner to discuss the possibilities of purchasing his property. The Lake was so pristine, majestic, and serene, I just had to have it.  He offered to sell it to me for a song. as he needed to get back to Oklahoma. Then said, "How much do you want to give me for the down payment?”.  I reached into my pocket a pulled out all the cash I had on hand. I smiled and half kiddingly said, "How about a dollar?"  He shockingly replied, "Sure". We wrote the contract on a napkin (that I have to this day) then shook hands. 8 weeks later I purchased the property. We then began to transform my vision of what The Moose Lodge is today. 

We have no greater desire to share our lodge with family and new friends. It truly is a hidden gem. Check us out. Stayatthemooselodge.com  Feel free to reach out with any questions (828) 283-3130.

Come stay at the Moose Lodge and make memories that last a lifetime!


Randy “Moose” Ahrens