Learn How to List Your Smoky Mountain Property

What Is Included In My SmokyMountainsByOwners.com Listing?

Every listing includes the following categories:

  • Activities
  • Amenities
  • Calendar
  • Deals
  • Description
  • Inquiry
  • Links
  • Location Map
  • Owner
  • Photo Gallery
  • Property
  • Rate
  • Reviews
  • Statistics
  • Video

How Do I Modify My Listing?

Go to the Owner Login page. Click on Login. On the Dashboard, click on the area of the property you want to edit. Or click EDIT to begin your work. Make sure to save all changes you make to update your listing.

Click on Add New/Edit.Once your property is approved, your listing will go live.

Will My Listing Show Up On Other Sites Too?

No. We are currently working on partner sites for maximum exposure.

Is There A Direct URL For My Listing?

Yes. There is a direct URL for each property that you list. You can also access your listings directly by the property number in which it was uploaded to the SmokyMountainsbyOwners.com database and by the property name.

The URL for your listing will be:

For Example: If one of your properties is the 4th property to be uploaded to SmokyMountainsByOwners.com database, the URL would be: https://smokymountainsbyowners.com/property/4

I Have Listed My Property, But I Need Help Writing The Content. Can You Write It For Me?

Yes! For an additional fee, we have a professional vacation rental writer who will write your content. Email us to find out more.

How Are Your Listing Results Sorted?

The default sort criteria is the following:

  1. Number of Photos with Captions
  2. Updated Calendar
  3. Rates
  4. Owner Activity
  5. Reviews

Photos: Properties with more photos appear above properties with less photos

Rates: Properties with rates appear above properties without rates

Owner Activity: The more often you login to your account, update your listing, etc.

Random Sort: Listings with an identical status are randomly re-sorted every hour

Do I Really Need Photos?

Yes! Listings are sorted by photos. In fact, we won’t approve your listing unless you have 6 photos! Properties with more photos will appear above properties with less photos. Properties with professional photos appear ahead of ones without professional photos. In addition, photos help sell a vacation rental! The more photos, the better.

How Do I Add Photos To My Listing?

Go to the Owner Login page. Click on Login. Select the property you would like to add photos. Click on “Photo Gallery.” Scroll to the “Select Gallery Photo” section. Click on Choose File. You can then select the photos from your computer that you would like to upload. Then click on Upload.

How Many Photos Can I Add?

The maximum is 24. We suggest a minimum of 15.

What Size Do My Photos Need To Be?

Minimum width: 720 px

Minimum height: 480 px

What Does THe Image Format Need To Be?

Upload only .jpg image format

When saving a photo, click “Save As Type” and select from the dropdown .jpg

Can I Add Photo Captions?


Do I Need Professional Photos?

No. But we suggest it if you can. We suggest that if you take your own photos to use a camera rather than a cell phone. Cell phone pictures tend to be grainy.

Can I Use A URL Link For My Photos?

No. Let’s say you have a HomeAway listing of the same property that you are listing on our site. You may not copy and paste the URL link of the HomeAway photo and use that on our site. Instead, you must download the photo to your computer and then upload it to the photo gallery.