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Hi I'm Marie, my husband Wesley and I own God's Gift a true log cabin.  It's is well maintained, clean, alnd private.  We love sharing it with others.  

How God's Gift got its name:  We had dreamed of owning a log cabin to live in after retirement.  After looking we quickly knew we couldn't afford it, then we started looking for property to purchase that we could put a camper on for vacation. We couldn't find any property we could afford, we were ready to give up our dream.  I had told Wesley that is we had a cabin  I wanted to decorate it with bears.  One day he was on the computer, typed in bear decor, but insteadof getting that a foreclosure website popped up.This cabin was listed, we couldn't believe our eyes.  We could afford our dream cabin.  After purchasing we knoew God had sent us to the site it was listed.  We felt it was a gift to us from God.

Later we decided to share it with others in hopes that people who stay here would want to get to know God.  We provide bibles in the cabin so our guest can read them.  Maybe if you don't have God in your heart, you will read the bible and realize you need him.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and enjoy your stay at God's Gift.

If you have any questions about our cabin feel free to call or text me (843)421-6707

God bless

Wesley and Marie

Please contact for more information on available properties