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From our very first cabin back in March 2011, Mike and I became fascinated (and obsessed) creating the perfect vacation cabin. By 2014 we ended up with two more cabins, after a two year wait, since the location was literally perfect, not to mention the unbeatable views. After several months of "rehabbing" our gems on the mountain were complete! We, along with our guests, enjoyed the cabins for two years until the Gatlinburg wildfires took two of them and damaged a third. I can honestly say, this was one tough pill to swallow! So...on January 19th, 2017 (52 days after the fires), we broke ground and began the rebuilt process on Take Me Away and The Good Life. Guests, now friends, were a true inspiration throughout the entire process. "Good" wasn't enough, so we went into super creative mode and had a hand in every detail of the cabins.

This is not our business, it's our passion. We love what we do and care about every guest experience.

Today, we have three amazing cabins and two more coming in 2018!

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