Chris Allen


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My wife and I had been wanting a cabin retreat in the Smokies for many years. After many years of renting various properties we finally decided to buy one of our own in 2014. After succesfully renting that property for over a year we decided to purchase more properties. Over the next few years we acquired multiple beautiful and unique properties. When you rent from us you will deal directly with one of us. We will not pass you over to a property management company. We want you to receive a personal level of service, which is something you will not receive if you rent from a large rental company.

SMBYO does not allow reservations to be made directly on their website. To make a reservation simply visit our website below. All prices and availibility at our website are up-to-date and accurate.

All our properties are located in Gatlinburg in amazing locations. We always do our best to have everything in neat, clean, and in perfect order for your stay. We hope you enjoy your time in the Smokies as much as we do!

Chris and Sarah, Owners