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Welcome to the majestic beauty of Lake Norris, Tennessee. This area is the home to water style action sports in Tennessee. Hit the lake for a variety of fun activities. Take your boat out on the lake and strap on a wake board to carve up the water. Feeling particularly adventurous, pull your boat up next to another vacationer and race them around the lake. Children will also find many fun activities to participate in on the lake. Tie an inner tub onto the back of your boat and pull the kids around for a fun filled day on the water. When your ready for a break from all the adrenaline pumping water sports, simply dock your boat and hop in the water for a nice cool down or float around on a tube for maximum relaxation. While there are so many activities to participate in on the lake that you my never have to venture away, there are also a variety of breathtaking state parks and hiking trails in the area to explore.

Parks and Hiking Trails in Lake Norris Tennessee
  • Cove Lake State Park
  • Blue Ridge State Park
  • Anderson County Park
  • Gibbs Ferry Park
  • Many More!!
Families and friends of all ages love vacationing in Lake Norris Tennessee. The countless water centered activities make it so that guest will never have to leave the lake if they so choose. If guest do decide to venture outside of the lake there are a plethora of state parks and hiking trails to traverse. Visit now, your perfect family getaway awaits!

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