Fontana Lake Private Cabin Rentals in NC

Fontana Lake NC Private Cabin Rentals

Welcome to Fontana Lake Private cabins! This area is jam-packed with a variety of fantastic indoor and outdoor activities for guests of all ages!

Vacation Activities near Fontana Lake Private Cabin Rentals

The area is also home to a multitude of state and local parks with plenty of spellbinding hiking trails to traverse. The area is also home to a variety of specialty retail locations selling everything from homemade jams to leather goods. Be sure to bring a few unique items from the specialty shops home with you to share with friends and family that couldn’t make the trip. If you or your guest would like to try some of the locally grown fruits in the area head just down the road to Stoney Hollow Farm. This farm allows visitors to pick some of its fresh grown fruits right out of the tree. Sample a variety of fresh fruits and bring some back to your vacation rental property to add some flavor to your morning breakfast. With the plethora of fun and exciting activities in the area guest of all ages are sure to thoroughly enjoy their time spent in Fontana Lake and the surrounding communities!

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