Linton in Lake Barkley Ky Cabin Rentals

Linton Lake Barkley Ky Cabin Rentals

Welcome to the lakeside community of Linton in the state of Kentucky. This community is in proximity to Lake Barkley, which is one of the most well know and renowned lakes in Kentucky. Spend a day or two fishing Lake Barkley for a variety of freshwater fish including bluegill, catfish, and few different types of bass. Try to catch a few fish and bring them back to your family or friends for dinner. Lake Barkley is also the ideal location for a day of leisurely boating, water skiing, or swimming.

Things to do near Linton Kentucky

Lake Barkley is a big draw to this community, but it is far from the only way to enjoy the breathtaking nature and wildlife in the area. Head in any direction in Linton and you are sure to bump into a long, captivating hiking trail. The trails in the area are especially coveted by bird watchers. This area is home to a large variety of bird species and people come from all over to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. The area is also known for there very unique and quaint downtown area that is home to a variety of mom and pop antique stores. It is always worth stopping in and checking out a few antique stores while you’re in town, you never know what you may find!

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