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Welcome to Blue Ridge and the surrounding communities, located in the state of Georgia. Blue Ridge and the surrounding areas are the ideal vacation destination due to the countless nature-centered activities and plethora of specialty shopping.

Vacation Activities near Blue Ridge GA

While in the area be sure to visit Lake Blue Ridge. The majestic lake is the ideal location for days of swimming, sun tanning, and fishing. Guests also have the option to rent pontoon boats from local companies, for a day of cruising the lake and relaxing. This area is also home to countless state parks, which are ideal for days of hiking through the wilderness. Spend a few days on the lake and a few days on the trails and you will discover the calming serenity of the local forestry and wildlife. Aside from all the great outdoor activities Blue Ridge and the surrounding communities are also home to a plethora of fantastic specialty shops. From olive oil shops to chocolatiers and even a comic book shops, Blue Ridge and the surrounding communities have a specialty shop for all tastes!

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