Courtland in Wilson Lake Alabama Cabin Rentals

Courtland of Wilson Lake of Alabama Cabin Rentals

Welcome to the rural Southern community of Courtland located in proximity to Lake Wilson in Alabama. This community features spellbinding hiking trails as well as some of the best Southern and soul food in Alabama.

Vacation Activities near Courtland Alabama

The South is known for their large portioned homestyle food, such as BBQ and fried okra. The soul food in the area is generally know by its staples such as fried chicken and waffles. With the large portion sizes that the Southern cuisine is know for guest will never have to worry about going hungry! Lake Wilson is a large fresh water lake that is most notably known for its trophy caliber smallmouth bass fishing. The lake is also surrounded by the lush forestry of the area and is home to a variety of hiking trails that lead deep into the wilderness. It is rumored that if venture slightly off the beaten path you can discover natural waterfalls hidden deep in the forestry. The hiking trails are also the perfect way to acclimate yourself to the beauty and serenity of the surrounding forestry and local wildlife.

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