Hidden Waterfalls of the Smokies

We researched and are delighted to share with you the location and descriptions of a few "hidden" waterfalls in the Smokies.

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The Secert Waterfalls of the Somky Mountains Blog



  • Rainbow Falls Cave

- There are just about an incalculable number of grand perspectives we love in the Smoky Mountains. From the moving slopes the extent that the eyes can see to the prospering backwoods to the chattering streams, there is no deficiency of regular magnificence in our general vicinity. Included with this rundown of common magnificence are the entirety of the lofty cascades close to Pigeon Produce. Not exclusively are these a stunning demonstration of the intensity of nature as you watch the hurrying water over the stones, yet it is likewise an inconceivably serene view that can enable you to unwind.

  • Entrance to Furnace Iron Mine

There is a long history of mining and loggin here in the Smokies. From logging to mining, pioneers of the territory utilized the regular assets to transform the rising nation. A bit of that history is really found at Foxfire Mountain, though covered up by a magnificent cascade.


The memorable Sweden Heater Iron Mine was initially an operational mine back in the late 1800's. It was opened after the Common War and proceeded with activity until the mid 1990's. During its prime, the mine was utilized regularly. Today, the mine has been left in its unique state for guests of Foxfire to look at.

  • Greenbrier

Found just a brief drive from Downtown Gatlinburg, it's astounding that the Greenbrier zone of the Incomparable Smoky Mountains National Park doesn't draw greater groups.


To enter this district of the recreation center, you'll need to drive along an old rock street that runs parallel to a lovely stretch of the Little Pigeon Waterway.


Ramsey Course is the most celebrated sight around there of the recreation center. At a stature of 100 FT, these amazing falls are the tallest falls in the Smokies. As an additional advantage, this locale of the recreation center is home to a couple of areas of old-development backwoods that have never been logged.


Some different alternatives for climbing incorporate the Watchmen Rivulet Trail and the Old Pilgrims Trail. These courses are home to the absolute greatest groupings of memorable structures in the recreation center. On a climb in the Greenbrier, you'll like pass by many stacks, shake dividers, and other proof of past inhabitants of this region. In the event that you love investigating old lodges, it's unquestionably worth looking at the John Messer Horse shelter and the Tyson McCarter Spot.

  • Treemont

Situated off of the Little Stream Chasm Street, Tremont was before the site of a flourishing logging network along the waterway. Today, this wonderful piece of the Smokies is an extraordinary spot for fly angling and climbing.


Situated toward the finish of a winding rock street, the Center Prong Trail is a wonderful trail that passes by a few cascades. This wide, level trail was at one time a logging street and climbers will see ancient rarities from this period. There is likewise proof of CCC work camps and a rusting old jalopy that is about 100 years of age.


Tidy Pads Falls is a lesser realized cascade that is just 0.8 miles from the Incomparable Smoky Mountains Establishment in Tremont.


En route, you'll cross some precarious, rough segments of trail, however you'll be treated with ravishing perspectives on Thunderhead Mountain and a multi-layered cascade.


This calm territory of the national park is an astounding spot to kick back and simply tune in to the Center Prong of the Little Pigeon Stream. 

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