Cheryl Hillis


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My brothers, my husband & myself had shared a vision of expanding my fathers 18 acre buffalo ranch when additional property became available to purchase.  With all our knowledge & experiences combined we have built 4 log homes & have been renting them out since 2004.   We also have purchased 5 train car cabooses, & as of 2018 we have renovated 2 of them & they are vacation rentals as well.  In total we are renting 7 properties on a 72 acre bison ranch.  In addition, we are opening the BC Depot which will have the Agapeland Station, a 30x50 "O" guage model train layout for guest to see.


Once my husband retires from the US Army in about 3 yrs, our dream will be to build our log cabin on the property & be more hands on.  

God has definately blessed us beyond our wildest dreams.  We hope you love the mountains like we have all come to love being transplants from a very flat NY!